Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials

Dr. Donald Lamm, President of BCG Oncology, PC, is pleased to announce the opening of studies we hope will improve the treatment of bladder cancer.

Please contact Dr. Lamm at (602) 493-6626 or email us for additional information.

Phase I-IIa Clinical Trial of Chemophase and Chemotherapy in Superficial Bladder Cancer

This study evaluates an investigational drug that is hoped will improved the management of superficial bladder cancer.

The investigational drug is Chemophase, a recombinant (or "genetically engineered") form of the human enzyme hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is produced by the body to break down collagen, and has been used in medicine to improved the penetration of drugs. In the study Chemophase is being given with chemotherapy (mitomycin) in the bladder to see if it is safe and might increase the effectiveness of this chemotherapy and decrease the rate of recurrence of bladder cancer.

To qualify, patients must have superficial bladder cancer that has been completely removed from the bladder but is at risk of returning.

A thorough physical exam and all study medications are provided without charge. Reimbursement for travel expenses is also available.

To find out more, please contact Dr. Lamm at 1-602-493-6626 or click on the email link above.

Phase 1 Dose-Escalation Trial of Intravesical CG0070 for Superficial TCC of the Bladder after BCG Failure

Clinical research study of an experimental agent for bladder cancer. The product was developed by Cell Genesys, the sponsor of the study, and utilizes a modified adenovirus, one of the causes of the common cold. The modified virus is designed to potentially stimulate an immune response, similar to that of a vaccination, to destroy cancer cells.

The study agent and study tests are provided without charge. Study participants are not financially rewarded for participating.

To potentially be eligible for this study, patients must have bladder cancer that has not yet invaded the muscular wall of the bladder. Patients must also have failed to respond BCG immunotherapy. Find out more at:

Phase II Clinical Trial of erlotinib and polyphenon e

This randomized clinical trial compares standard treatment with Green Tea extract and a new cancer treatment drug, Tarceva, that inhibits growth hormone.

Created: 5/29/2005